Shells, bones and silence


The Staves - Eagle Song

the end, listen to the end



there is a lot of merriness going on
and cool jamz in the form of pentatonic perfection

Y ou know it’s interesting, it used to make me very uncomfortable that people would come to conclusions about who I was, but now I just don’t care. It’s fucking fabulous. It’s not that I don’t care what people think, it’s that I know that it’s not there. I know I’m more understanding of who I am, and that brings me peace. It doesn’t bother me so much that people might come to a different conclusion because that’s what they’re supposed to do, they’re supposed to come to conclusions. They’re just meant to be open to the music and whatever their though process is after that is entirely their own and no business of mine.”


Coming up.

Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh
14th Aug (this thurszzzz)

Mike Guest Photography

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